The Traragons hot spots is where Traragen veterans are staying, which is why so many of them have nowhere else to go.

Veterans are also camping out in the area in search of help and a safe place to sleep, said Trarangen resident Kristine DeWitt, a member of a volunteer committee called Veterans For Traragoons Hot Spot.

“I feel very helpless right now,” DeWitter said.

The vets camped out overnight in an area called Doylestwn.

In late January, a group of veterans who were camping out overnight at Doyliestwn got into an altercation with police officers who were trying to remove a tent city encampment that was in the middle of the road, according to the complaint filed in the case.

DeWitt said she didn’t know why the police officers were there, but she saw them as they tried to move tents away from the road.

A police officer approached the tent and pulled DeWit from the tent.

She said she was handcuffed and held against her will by the police officer.

When DeWits lawyer, Mike Zink, asked why the officers were arresting her, Zink said he was not answering her questions.

Later, when Zink spoke to her, she told him she had a medical emergency.

She was being held for nearly three hours before police escorted her to a police cruiser.

She was then released and taken to the local hospital.

DeWitte was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

She said she has not been able to get help from Traragan police.

Zink said Traratagan police are now handling the investigation, which will be handed over to the Traragon County District Attorney’s office, which handles civil rights cases.

As far as the tents, Zank said he has not received a complaint from Traratagans local police department about the campers.

But Zink did say Traraga police were looking into whether Trargan police were in violation of state law.

That law, which bars police from detaining or arresting anyone, says that a police officer may not take anyone into custody without a warrant, and the person must be given a reasonable opportunity to be heard.

And if a police department does not follow the law, Zick said Trataragan police would be violating the law.

“If the police department did not follow it, we would be able to sue them for civil rights violations,” he said.

The Traragna County district attorney’s office could not be reached for comment.

After DeWitting was arrested, she filed a lawsuit against the Traratagon County police, alleging they were in breach of her civil rights.

The suit is still pending.

DeWitte said she doesn’t want to be homeless, but that she doesn�t have any money to make ends meet.

While she said she wants the Trarfagons police department to apologize to her and the other veterans who have been arrested for trespassing, she said the situation will likely escalate.


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