Egypt is in a dangerous situation at the moment, with an outbreak of the H5N1 bird flu.

But for many Egyptians, especially those living in the Eilath region, the only thing that matters is to get their lives back on track.

With the country gripped by a deadly coronavirus epidemic, there is little left to celebrate, but a few things that Egyptians have in common with their American neighbours.

While Americans are often seen celebrating after a good run of work, in Egypt there are some people who are so caught up in their daily lives that they forget the holiday and instead turn their attention to a new task.

“It’s not easy to celebrate after work because of the virus,” said a 32-year-old Egyptian woman who asked to be identified only as Asma.

“I was at home on Monday morning when a colleague and I received the call from the office saying that there was a new H5S1 case in our area.”

My colleague and her colleagues rushed to our house.

“When they arrived, we were all shocked.

They said they had found a new case and that they had to go to the hospital immediately.

We were so shocked that we almost forgot that there were a few of us in the house at the same time.”

The people we work with have a lot of problems.

We have to spend a lot time together, and I think we’re too scared to do that.

“Her colleague had to stay home, and her family and friends kept coming over to help.”

Some of them went straight to the doctor and some came to our room to help us, but none of us could do anything,” she said.

The woman added that it is so important to get out of the house on a normal basis, but that the people who live in the areas closest to the border are in a different situation.”

I don’t think we have a normal life here.

I feel like we’re being robbed of our daily life, so we have to keep going on our daily errands,” she explained.”

We don’t have electricity or running water.

We are constantly on the edge of the brink of starvation, and our children have to learn to survive on their own.

“Asma added that the H1N1 virus, which causes the flu, is spreading at a much faster rate than the coronaviruses, so people are afraid to go outside, and so are not wearing masks.

She also added that she has heard rumours that people who have recently returned from abroad have not been as healthy as they were before they returned, and that the authorities are taking precautions against any outbreaks that may happen again.

Meanwhile, a doctor who works in the Cairo region confirmed the H3N2 virus, with fears of a new outbreak occurring as a result of this pandemic.”

He also added: “We are very worried about the H6 and H7 viruses, which are also known to cause severe respiratory illnesses, and we fear that we may see an increase in new cases of respiratory diseases in the coming days.””

In other regions, the new H1 and H3 viruses are very dangerous.”

He also added: “We are very worried about the H6 and H7 viruses, which are also known to cause severe respiratory illnesses, and we fear that we may see an increase in new cases of respiratory diseases in the coming days.”

But as with the coronivirus, the health officials are concerned that the virus may also spread between the countries of origin.

In order to prevent an outbreak in the country, doctors are urging Egyptians to wear masks, and to refrain from travel to countries where coronavires are circulating.

“There is a risk of an H1-H3 virus spreading between Egypt and neighbouring countries,” Dr al-Sayed told Al Arabiya.

“The authorities are warning that the countries where the virus is circulating could be at risk.”


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