India’s most popular online gambling site, Hot Spot, has officially announced its partnership with India’s leading tablet gaming company, Indian gaming company Gameloft, for the creation of an iPad-only casino in the country.

Hot Spot’s CEO, Akshay Vakalaraj, said the partnership with Gamelort will allow Hot Spot to “immediately launch its own iPad casino on Indian soil” and that the partnership will also help Hot Spot expand into new markets in the future.

“The partnership with Indian gaming giant Gamelint gives us the opportunity to make our own Indian iPad Casino and will also give us the ability to launch a new Indian Gaming App for Indian consumers,” Vakalsaid in a statement.

“Gamelint has a vast and deep experience in mobile gaming and the ability for Hot Spot and us to work together to create a new game on Indian territory is extremely exciting,” he continued.

“Gamelink is an incredibly experienced gaming company and is the leader in tablet gaming technology.

We look forward to bringing our unique mobile gaming platform to Indian gaming consumers and to further expanding our gaming offerings in India.”

India’s second-largest online gaming site, Flipkart, has partnered with gaming firm Kinguin, one of the world’s largest publishers of tablet games, to launch its very own tablet casino in India.

Flipkardin, which is based in Bengaluru, India, has a total of more than 3 million active users and over 200 million games registered on its app.

Gamelink’s Kinguin is also partnering with Flipkarden for its own gaming app in India and its own app will be integrated into the Flipkards app.

The company also announced that it would be launching an exclusive mobile gaming app on Flipkandar in India, and will launch a gaming platform in the coming months.

HotSpot’s deal with Gametek will see the company bring its iPad-centric gambling platform to India.

Gameteks mobile gaming apps, including the popular Game Poker, will become available on iOS devices in India later this year.

Games will be available for $3.99 a month in India with the full app included for a total app price of $39.99.


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