A new documentary about the lives of a family of four who have adopted two dogs, “Puffy” and “Pinky,” has been awarded a $50,000 production budget by the Film Commission of New York.

“Puppies are not your everyday pets, but they are a wonderful and cherished family member,” said Lisa Miller, the commission’s executive director.

“I think this is a great example of the way film can be used to bring joy and hope to a small community.”

The film’s director, Chris Rutter, said he was inspired to create the film after meeting the dogs, which he described as “very cute.”

“I was struck by the fact that there are dogs that just look like dogs,” he said.

“It was so touching.

I wanted to show the story of how a family adopted two cute dogs and turned them into the most loving, most loving family in the world.

I felt that there was something very special about these dogs.”

The story of “Puff and Puffy,” the two-and-a-half-year-old pitbull-and/or bull terrier-mix mix, centers around an elderly couple, and their children, who live in the neighborhood.

Their daughter, a college student, has a severe heart condition, which caused her to have to have surgery, and her husband, a doctor, suffers from cancer.

When they adopted the two dogs to live with them, the couple decided to share them with their three adult children.

“The children were not very happy about it,” Miller said.

“[The children] are very much supportive of the idea of adopting these dogs, but also very concerned about the health of the dogs.”

When “Pupsy” became a family, the two owners took on a full-time job.

Miller said they decided to focus on the dogs’ health in the film, because they felt “they were not well cared for.”

Miller said the documentary was inspired by a previous project she was working on about her adopted family.

“This was a family who had a pet cat, and they adopted a cat,” she said.

“We wanted to create a portrait of that family, and it seemed like a perfect fit for our film.”

Rutter said he hoped the film would inspire people to adopt more pets and show the benefits of adopting.

“There’s no greater way to celebrate the love of a pet than through a film,” he told FoxNews.com.

“We wanted it to be a positive story, and the idea was to tell the story through the lives and the experiences of the dog.”

The filmmakers used a variety of resources to film the family, including social media, a dog walking team, a professional photographer, a local animal shelter and a veterinarian, among others.

“Puffer,” which will be screened on Fox on Friday, May 10 at 10 p.m., is also available for viewing at the Tribeca Film Festival.


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