New federal investigation into COVID-19 hot spot reveals widespread coordination of deadly outbreak

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced a new federal investigation Tuesday into whether the deadly coronavirus outbreak has been coordinated through government.

The probe will look at the agency’s response to outbreaks, including how local, state and federal agencies have been coordinating, the CDC said in a statement.

“In some instances, local and state agencies may have worked together to coordinate efforts to protect health and public safety,” it said.

“For example, we have previously reported on coordination between local health departments in several outbreaks, with one example involving an outbreak in Los Angeles.”

The report, released Tuesday, comes after two recent outbreaks that the CDC attributed to COVID.

The first, in June 2016, involved coronaviruses from two different coronaviral strains and resulted in a resurgence of COVID in California, which killed 5,100 people and infected about 3,000.

The second outbreak, in October, involved two different COVID strains, but that outbreak was not linked to a resurgence in COVID, which ended in June.

In addition to examining the coordination of the two outbreaks, the report will look into the extent to which federal agencies had a hand in the outbreak’s outbreak control, the investigation said.

The report is expected to take several months to complete. 

The investigation will also examine the role of public health authorities in responding to outbreaks and the extent that local and State governments were not doing enough to prevent them, the statement said.

It will examine how agencies such as the Centers for Diseases Control and Preventives Office of Inspector General, which conducts the coronavids coronavillosis coronavaccine response program, were performing their duties, and whether there were other issues that hindered their work.

“This investigation will look closely at the extent of coordination among various federal agencies to respond to the COVID outbreak,” the CDC’s statement said, adding that “it will focus on whether there was coordination among State and local health authorities, and if so, what it was and how it could be addressed.”


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