When I was a kid, my parents were both avid fans of The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

I remember being a kid and seeing my dad and mum sitting in a theater seat across from each other on a huge stage.

When we finally got to the movies, we sat side by side and the two of them had the same conversation about the films.

That conversation would go on for years.

When I think back, it seems to me that they had a really similar sense of wonderment.

They were fascinated by Tolkien and the stories and the characters, and were always able to get a little bit of that sense of adventure.

They didn’t necessarily share the same interest in what was happening on the big screen, but they loved the idea of watching the films at the same time.

I don’t know if that’s because I grew up with The Lord Of The Rings or because I had my own copy of the movies.

I do remember being able to sit next to them at screenings and hear the conversation.

They weren’t the only ones who were able to relate to the wonder of the films, of course.

As the years went on, I began to see myself more as a fan of both movies and literature.

As an adult, I started to understand how much of a fandom I was getting into and I was becoming more aware of how much my fandom was connected to the world around me.

There was a part of me that just loved both movies.

In the past year or so, I have really begun to enjoy the films more.

I started noticing a change in my fandom.

I realized that I actually have a pretty deep love for both movies, but I am a LOT more invested in The Hobbit, The Lord OF The Rings, and The Lord and Miller series.

The movies have been the subject of a lot of speculation over the past few years.

The Hobbit, for instance, has been the focus of some speculation for years and even a movie of this size has been a topic of conversation for years now.

There have been rumors about the possibility of an official sequel to The Hobbit being made.

There has been much talk about The Lord Rings sequels. 

And now, a LOT has happened.

It is clear that we have an enormous fan base out there and that the world is waiting for a new installment of The Hobbit. 

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is in theaters now.


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