The Seattle area is home to some of the nation’s most cancer hot-spot areas.

It also has some of Washington’s most expensive health care, according to a report by the Seattle Times.

The Seattle Times, citing state data, ranked the highest-ranked area for malignancy for the first time since the paper started keeping such data in 2013.

The region has the highest percentage of residents in the U.S. with cancer in the top 10 spots, according the study.

That’s compared with 15.9% in Seattle’s metro area, according state data.

There are many areas of the U and Northwest in the highest cancer hot spot rankings, including the Central Puget Sound, the South Puget Coast and the North Shore, according data from the Washington State Department of Health.

“You have these hot spots in the region, which are quite distinct from the rest of the country,” said Dr. Robert Smith, a cancer researcher at the University of Washington.

“It’s an unusual combination.”

The area that tops the list is in the Northwest and has the largest population of people in the country with cancer, Smith said.

That includes the Seattle area, which has the fourth-highest number of cancer deaths in the nation, the study found.

In the Northeast, Washington’s Puget Delta, which is the most polluted region in the world, is ranked No. 2 for the highest rate of cancer.

Washington has the lowest cancer mortality rate in the United States.

It’s the only state to have the lowest death rate, according with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Washington ranks third for the lowest rate of hospitalizations per capita, the report found.

The state also has the nation to beat for most people with chronic disease, with the highest proportion of residents with cancer.

The highest proportion in the state, according, is in Tacoma, with 28.4%, according to the report.

The study also looked at mortality rates for people with cancer that were diagnosed between 2006 and 2020.

That shows that the region is home-to-the-cancer hot spots.

The Washington state study also found that more than half of the state’s cancer patients died within 10 years of their diagnosis, compared with about 15% in Washington’s other major cities.

There were also a significant number of people with advanced cancer who were unable to seek treatment because they were too ill to care for themselves.

Seattle’s cancer hotspots include the Southside neighborhood and a neighborhood near the Seattle Art Museum.

It includes areas that include the city’s central business district, such as Ballard and the Downtown district, and the industrial area of Northgate, Smith told Fortune.

In Seattle’s Northgate neighborhood, there are fewer than a dozen businesses that sell locally produced food, which may be affected by the increasing number of local businesses.

Smith said that there is some concern that local food and craft beer is going out of style, which could drive down prices.

He said he hopes to help to reverse that trend, which he sees as a positive.

“I hope to help keep it vibrant,” Smith said of the area’s retail and restaurants.

“The neighborhood itself is thriving, and I hope to encourage the area to continue to grow and continue to expand.”

The report also found the region had one of the highest rates of people who have no insurance coverage at all, which Smith said is worrisome for people struggling with health care costs.

“They may be unable to pay their bills,” Smith told Reuters Health.

In addition, Smith noted that there are a lot of people working on the sidelines who don’t have insurance.

“Somebody who’s not getting insurance or not getting coverage is going to have a harder time paying for their health care,” Smith added.

Seattle also ranked as having the highest concentration of smokers.

The Times found that Seattle had one-fifth of the people in its metro area who smoked at least once a week, compared to only 6% in the Northeast.

About 9% of Seattle’s population smoke, the highest level in the states with the lowest levels of tobacco use, the Times found.

Seattle ranked first in the national smoking prevalence rates for all adults ages 15 and older, the paper found.


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