A new study shows that the number of dogs in the United States has dropped by about 20% since 2000, according to a new study.

The findings suggest that dogs are becoming more and more important to the lives of the American people, according an article from The Daily Beast.

The study looked at data from the National Dog Advisory Council, which tracks the number and breeds of dogs and cats in the U.S.

A new study found that the numbers of dogs have dropped by roughly 20% over the past decade, according the study.

While dogs are no longer the mainstay of the canine population, the study suggests that the dog’s role as a source of human food, shelter, and comfort has grown.

Researchers found that between 2010 and 2014, the number for the total population of dogs fell by about 12%, but that percentage is likely underreported, as many people are likely to keep their dogs indoors.

The study also found that dog ownership fell by 7.2% in the first three years after the study began, but it is not clear why.

Researchers said it could be due to more dog owners taking a break from breeding, or it could simply be a trend toward smaller homes.

The authors also say that they are not able to determine the cause of the drop.

Researchers say that their study is an important milestone in understanding dog behavior, and suggests that more research is needed to better understand the roles dogs play in human life.

Researchers say that more work needs to be done on what is causing the decline in dogs, and how to prevent dog-related diseases like canine heart disease.

The research, led by John W. Biederman, professor of veterinary medicine at the University of Southern California, also found a significant increase in the number, types and severity of canine heart conditions, which can be associated with lower levels of exercise, increased body temperature, and the accumulation of plaque and blood clots.

Biederman said that he was surprised to find that the dogs in his study were all males, since he has been seeing a lot more females and young dogs with heart conditions.

Biererman noted that dogs have been shown to play a role in the development of obesity and diabetes, which are closely linked to heart disease and other illnesses.

He said that his study was designed to identify ways that we can reduce dog-specific health risks in the general population.

While the study focused on the dogs’ role as humans’ best friend, Biedermans research also indicates that the popularity of dogs could be reducing.

According to the American Kennel Club, the average American dog is owned by about one person, but the average size of a dog is about 8.5 pounds.

The number of people owning dogs is about 13.5 million, while the number owning cats is more than 1.2 million.

The dogs that are the most popular in the study were the “small breed” breeds, such as Dobermans, German Shepherds and Pinschers, while American Staffordshire Terriers and Doberman Pinscher are the smallest breeds.

In total, there were more than 9.5 billion dogs in American households, according a 2011 report from the American Veterinary Medical Association.

The association said that there are currently no federal laws prohibiting dog ownership.

The American Veterinary Association (AVMA) is a not-for-profit organization that represents more than 8,000 veterinarians, veterinary schools and other professionals in the American veterinary community.

It is also the largest and oldest veterinary society in the world.

The AVMA has been recognized as a leader in the pet ownership field for more than a century and serves as the voice of the veterinary profession on behalf of its members.

The AVMA is a national nonprofit, and is not affiliated with any industry, political party or candidate for public office.

The association does not endorse or oppose the views or policies of any candidates.


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