Croats are known for their love of the sun and their ability to keep their skin looking fresh and healthy, but there’s a new hotspot on the map for everyone’s favourite sun worshipper.

This hot spot has been nicknamed “Croatia’s Biggest City” by its residents, who believe it to be one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The new “Croatoan City” is also known as “Croati” in Croatian, meaning “The City of Croats”.

It is located in the country’s westernmost province, Krajina, which is home to around 50 million people.

A typical day sees locals from all over the country flock to the city to take advantage of its vast beaches, stunning natural scenery and a vast array of cafes and restaurants. 

Croatian Hot Spots in 10 Cities You’ve probably never seen a Croatian Hot Spot before, but we know it’s the hot spot for many people.

Here’s a look at some of the hotspots in Croatia, as well as their popularity.


Dubrovnik – Dubrovnica Dubrovni is the second most populated city in Croatia after Zagreb.

It is also one of Croatia’s most cosmopolitan cities.

The Croatian capital of Dubrovnic is home for many international conferences, events and festivals.

Its main attractions include the Grand Palace, the famous Bosnian castle, and the historic Zagreško museum.


Kragujevac – Kraguja A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kraguje is also a popular tourist destination.

The city is home by far to the Croatian capital’s most popular tourist attraction: the Grand Palace.

Its historic center is adorned with the ancient palaces and churches of the ancient Croatian Kingdom of Vojvodina.

It was founded by King Peter the Great in the 7th century and is one of Europe’s most famous medieval cities.


Kranjevic – Krni It is the capital of the western Croatian region of Krno.

Its picturesque and beautiful mountains and vineyards are home to a rich cultural and ethnic diversity, including the Bosnian Sarajevo, Serbian Sarajet and Serbian Krajnik.

The historical city of Krna has its own unique charm and a unique cultural scene.


Krk – Bratislava The capital of Bratina is the most famous Croatian city.

The most famous tourist attraction in Bratinian is the beautiful Sarajeva, the castle of the Croatian King Peter.

The castle was built in the 9th century as a residence for the Croatian Prince-Elector, Peter, and is decorated with more than 1,000 frescoes and frescoed walls.


Željko Preto – Brno It is a city of a million people, the capital and main tourist destination of the Bratins and the second largest city in Europe after Paris.

The historic town has a beautiful river and is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.


Mljet – Brnica The oldest and largest city of the region, Mljat has been named the “City of the Gods” and the most important tourist destination in Slovenia.

It has a vibrant cultural scene and one of Slovenia’s most beautiful river valleys.


Pristina – Pristo In Pristana, the largest city on the island of Prista, the historic center of Slovenia, is located.

This historic city has a rich, artistic and artistic heritage.


Jutarnji – Jutland A large, beautiful town located in central Croatia.

The town is a cultural and historical heart of the country, famous for its beautiful river, famous churches, historical sites and historic houses.


Kotor – Zagrove The town of Zagrovve is located near the border of Slovenia and Croatia, the most northerly and most northern part of the Slovenian state.

The Slovenian capital of Zavrove is also home to one of Serbia’s biggest cultural sites.


Vojevodica – Split The second largest town in Croatia and the birthplace of many Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian history.

The famous Sarajava castle is located there, along with the Vojstva church.


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