AUSTRALIA is set to become the first country to require the construction of data-driven ‘hot spot glass’ at work, to combat the spread of glass in the workplace.

Glass is becoming increasingly commonplace at work as the technology improves, but in many places workers are being encouraged to view it as a distraction.

Glass has a variety of uses, including being used to show the temperature and humidity, and to give a person the impression of being in a location.

But it is increasingly being used for other purposes, including displaying temperature and other data.

Data-driven glass, in which data from sensors in the environment is used to provide a more accurate picture of the surroundings, has already been used at some construction sites, and will now be required in buildings across the country, from airports to hospitals.

Data from the environment can also be used to tell a doctor whether a person is fit for work.

Glass can also detect if someone is in a dangerous condition, such as having a broken bone, or if there are drugs in the blood stream.

This means that employers could potentially be required to install hot spot glasses at the building site to check on the health of the workers at work.

Workers will also be required for at least three days to check that they are in a safe and sanitary environment.

The Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) is proposing to require employers to install such glass at the construction site.

Glass must be installed in a space where there is no visible glass, and be accessible from the workplace, not from an adjacent area, such a car park, or a building that is not accessible.

The ABCC said that, to ensure safety, the glass must be securely attached to a safety harness, with no openings for the worker to enter.

Glass will also have to be designed to be easily accessible to workers, so they can get to work safely.

Glass manufacturers could also be fined for failing to install them.

Glass was first introduced to the construction industry in the US in 2011, and since then has become an increasingly common sight at the workplace to help make construction more efficient.

There are a number of manufacturers that sell glass in Australia, including Hargreaves and Erskine-Hawkins, which make a range of products including a variety that is used at the site of a job.

But many construction workers do not use the glass, because they find it distracting.

A study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that around one in five construction workers use glass, but the majority of those workers say that they do not want to be distracted by it.

In a survey of 1,800 construction workers conducted in 2017, only 8% said they wanted to use the technology to be able to see the temperature of their workers.

The report also found that one in four respondents did not want the glass on their building site because it made them uncomfortable.

The AAP understands that some workers have told the ABCC that they will not be wearing Glass in their workplace.



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