Trump signs health bill, $400 billion health care bill, to spend $1.9 trillion in fiscal 2018

Trump has signed two health care bills, one to boost the federal budget and another to spend more than $400bn over the next 10 years, including $1 trillion for the construction of a wall along the southern border.

The president has yet to outline his legislative priorities but said he is prepared to cut a number of government agencies and agencies within the department of homeland security and the Department of Justice, according to a draft of the budget. 

The budget includes $500bn in cuts, including cuts to the Department, the Department for Veterans Affairs and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. 

While the budget includes more than half of Trump’s $1,036bn promised for fiscal 2018, the president has not yet detailed how he will pay for his promised spending spree, which includes more spending for veterans, more spending on a wall and new funding for Medicaid.

The budget also includes more money for border security. 

Trump said in his statement to Congress that the budget will increase the number of troops, the number at home and the number that are deployed to fight the Ebola pandemic. 

Democrats in the House of Representatives, in contrast, have vowed to block any spending bill that includes any cuts to entitlement programs, including Medicare and Medicaid, which they have called a “slush fund”. 

“President Trump’s budget, as written, would significantly increase federal spending, undermine the health of millions of Americans, and leave the US less prepared for the impact of the pandemic and the ensuing financial crisis,” House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement. 

“By not providing a balanced budget and spending plan that fully meets the needs of the American people, President Trump’s proposal would put the lives of our children, families, and communities at risk.”

President Donald Trump’s plan would also leave the United States more vulnerable to a financial collapse, which we are already facing and which will cost lives, damage jobs, and further exacerbate our national debt. 

House Republicans have refused to even offer a budget that included cuts to entitlements, a position that they say would only increase the cost of health care, education and other public services. 

Democratic senators have also repeatedly asked the president to provide a plan on how he would pay for the wall, and House Republicans have said that they are willing to consider spending cuts to Medicare and Social Security as part of a comprehensive plan to fund the wall. 

In his budget, Trump said he would “invest in our infrastructure, invest in our veterans, invest, invest” in the border, and cut the military, which he said “is not doing well.” 

The president’s budget also proposes a plan to reduce the deficit by $5.4tn over the coming decade, according a White House official.

The deficit would be reduced by $1tn over that same period, according the budget, by increasing the number and quality of workers and by reducing spending on social services, the administration said. 

On Saturday, Trump signed a measure to open the government and avoid a government shutdown for two weeks.

The White House says the measure also would require Trump to release his tax returns and that he would be forced to give up his business interests, which include real estate, as well as his business interest in a Florida resort. 

Earlier this week, Trump’s administration put out a list of proposals to reduce US deficits over the course of the next decade, including reducing federal spending on Medicare and health care by $500 billion over 10 years. 

During his campaign, Trump pledged to slash government spending to $4 trillion by 2024. 

A White House statement said Trump was proposing a “conservative budget” that would provide $1 billion to fund a border wall, $500 million to pay for a border fence and $600 million to rebuild roads and bridges across the border. 

It also said Trump’s proposals would save $4.4 trillion over 10 decades by cutting $1 in taxes for every dollar the government spent, and $1bn a year in Social Security taxes. 

However, House Democrats have said they will not support Trump’s proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare, which would slash more than 1.7 million people from benefits, and also would reduce the federal deficit by about $1trillion. 

Republican Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, said the plan contained “no meaningful savings for the American taxpayer”. 

On Monday, Hatch, a member of the committee, said Trump would not be required to release any of his tax filings and had not done so. 

‘I do not trust Donald Trump’ Trump’s tax returns were recently obtained by The Associated Press from the Office of Government Ethics, the federal watchdog agency. 

He told the AP he would release them, but did not say what the plan would be. 

Senate Republicans have also questioned whether Trump’s tax return is legally required to be released. 

Senator Orrin Grant of


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