The paint scheme on this woman’s house in Brisbane’s CBD changed her life.

The woman, who only wanted to be known as ‘Jill’, said she’d always been fascinated by the history of Brisbane’s hot spots and their role in their creation.

“When I was a child I always wanted to know what was the most iconic area in Brisbane and I was really fascinated by that,” Jill said.

“So I started to paint a pretty detailed scheme of a pretty big red brick house.”

I just thought, ‘That looks great’.

“The woman said she loved the idea of taking her inspiration from the history surrounding the hot spots but wanted to make it work on a budget.”

What I did was I didn’t want to be a part of the process,” Jill explained.”

The scheme was so long and I had to do the paint work on top of it so I didn’ really have a chance to see it as much as I could before I started painting.

“Ms Jill’s scheme was a collaboration with Brisbane artist David Williams.”

He was able to capture the essence of a very traditional Brisbane house,” she said.

The house was a simple red brick building with a small garden.

The paint scheme involved a number of different paint jobs, ranging from red and blue to green and brown.”

It was actually quite expensive to do because I just didn’t have the funds for that,” she explained.

The artist said his work was a “great inspiration for me to start painting a house again”.”

The whole process of painting it and then creating the scheme is really interesting because you can see the history, but you also can see where it’s come from,” he said.

But despite her love for the history behind the house, Jill said the scheme didn’t work for her.”

But it really wasn’t the most effective way to create the house.

So I was still very excited about it and I’m not sure it was as effective as I thought it was going to be,” she added.”

There’s a lot of things you can do to create a hot place, but I think that’s just part of what’s great about it.



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