The great big sea has always fascinated people, but it is perhaps no more so now than it was in the days of the golden age of sailing.

You can see it in the number of fish species, but its not the only thing to love about fishing.

The sport has become a rich source of food for the vast majority of the world’s population, yet its also a source of frustration for many.

It is a sport that is inherently risky, which is why the sport has come under intense scrutiny in recent years, but what makes it a sport worth loving?

Here we look at some of the best fishing spots in the world.

Fishing hotspots: What to look for in the right place What is a hotspot?

It’s a place that attracts a particular type of fish or a particular kind of water type.

There are two types of hotspots; those that are open to fishing and those that require fishing gear.

The fishing gear and the water temperature The ideal fishing location for fish depends on how fish are kept, so you need to know where the water is safe and clean, where the fishing gear is available and where the best places are for the gear to go.

There is a range of gear, from nets and lures to tackle, but most fishing gear must be bought from reputable companies.

Fishing gear that is not from reputable suppliers is generally less expensive and easier to get, but there is a catch – the gear has to be labelled with the brand and brand name.

The best way to identify fish in a hotspots is to take the bait, so the fish should be caught in a suitable location and the area should be clear of vegetation.

If there is no bait, you can use a lure to lure the fish into the water, or use your own.

Fish are most likely to be caught at a shallow water area, so keep a distance of at least 20 metres (yards) from the surface.

A fish can often be caught on a single lure.

Where to look: Most hotspots are near coastal areas or beaches where people are fishing, but if you are going to be fishing in the ocean, you might also want to look at places where fishing is not a problem.

For example, in some areas of Australia there is not any public access to the sea, so fishermen will often leave bait at a local beach.

Fishing boats usually have a set of hooks in the bottom of the boat so you can bait a fish to catch it.

But if you’re just starting out, there are also areas where you may find some fish on the beach.

Fish can also be caught from the shore.

The bait can be placed in a shallow container with a line, and a net will be placed on top of it.

This can be set up for bait to be hooked.

The catch: How to catch a fish How to fish fish for a fish is a matter of trial and error.

There’s no one method that works best for everyone.

Some fish like to be fed on small pieces of bait, while others may prefer to be baited with bait from larger pieces.

If you find a fish that you think is not going to catch, try different fishing methods, including using a net or line, or simply leaving it be.

If it is a large fish, it’s important to wait until it is completely submerged in water.

If the fish is unable to swim, you may want to get a good shot at it.

The biggest catch of all is the one you never want to forget.

Fishing with a net, and even if you don’t catch the fish, you’ll be able to use the bait to catch more of the fish.

You’ll also be able use the fish as a bait for the bait you’re angling for.

The bigger fish you catch, the better.

The big catch is what you use as bait for any other fish that have been caught in the same area.

Fish that are caught near a small piece of bait can often live longer and be more nutritious than those caught in areas that are too far away.

Fishing on a small scale can also have its benefits.

If a fish dies in a hole in the sand, the next generation of fish will be able grow in the hole and help the fish that are not affected by the water quality in the area.

A few fish that die in the nets are also easier to take, because they can be taken with a lure and the catch can be tied to a net and stored in a container.

Fish with a larger catch can usually be caught with a bait such as bait baits, which can be used for the next time a fish needs to be taken.

There may be a catch on a piece of food you have caught in your fish bowl.

A little piece of the food can be eaten by the fish when they are hungry, and it can be put into a small pot and cooked with a spoon and a few drops of lemon juice.

The food can also make


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