A hot spot near you?

You’re in luck!

There’s a few good options to get there for lunch and dinner in the Birmingham area.

Birmingham, Alabama is a city of about 40,000 people that has been a magnet for foodies and travelers for years.

With its downtown, shopping and dining, the area is a hot spot of sorts.

Here are 10 ways to eat in Birmingham and see it all in one day.


The Red Square area.

If you want a more intimate, family-friendly dining experience, head to the Red Square at The Greenfield Mall, which is located in the middle of Birmingham.

The Greenfields Mall is home to an impressive array of restaurants and bars, and is also home to many of the city’s local eateries.

For lunch, head over to the Greenfields Market, where you can sample food from local vendors and try out local dishes.


The Stoney Creek Restaurant.

If lunch is the ultimate destination, the Stoney River Inn is the place to go for a nice meal.

The restaurant has an extensive lunch menu and a delicious variety of sandwiches and salads, and it’s a nice place to enjoy a little local pride as you wait for your food to come out.


The Birmingham Beer Garden.

For a more casual meal, head on over to The B-Buck, which features great local beers and local food from the Birmingham-area.

The Bucks is a popular place to grab a drink in the heart of downtown and the restaurant has a variety of local beers on tap, so it’s always an option.


The downtown shopping area.

The city’s downtown is a major shopping destination, so be sure to check out the historic Birmingham Market District, located across from the Stonewall Inn, as well as the newly expanded Birmingham Market Square.


The City of Arts and Culture.

Whether you’re here to celebrate a wedding, visit a favorite museum or simply enjoy a few days off, the Birmingham Arts and Cultural District is a fun place to shop and enjoy the nightlife in the city.

The area is full of shopping and eateries, so you can explore the various shops, boutiques and restaurants in the area.


The historic B-25 Museum.

B-50 Memorial Park is a national historical site and a popular tourist attraction.

The museum is one of the most visited museums in the world, and there’s plenty of shopping in the downtown area.


The new Birmingham Farmers Market.

You can find great food, good deals on local produce, and great local craft beer at the newly opened Birmingham Farmers’ Market.


The Art Museum of Alabama.

The arts and culture center is a great place to visit, and you can pick up some great gifts from local artisans.


The Westfield Birmingham Mall.

The westside of downtown is home not only to a large shopping mall, but also a number of boutique shopping areas, restaurants and cafes.


The Riverbend neighborhood.

The neighborhood is known for its arts and food, so head over there for some great deals on groceries, groceries and local eats.

Find out how to make your Birmingham experience even more memorable by taking a look at our tips for the best Birmingham restaurants to eat at.


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