New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Miami, Las Vegas, Seattle, San Francisco, and New York City are all hot spots in 2016 for the United States Air Force, according to a new report by the US Air Force Academy.

The report, issued Friday by the Air Force Office of the Secretary of the Air and Space, says the USAF’s new Air Combat Command, which will be responsible for all air operations in the world in the 2020s, will have its focus on “national security, national defense, and international affairs.”

The report’s author, Lt.

Col. Mark Stokes, told Newsweek that his research, which was based on information gathered by the Academy, is “a direct response to what the Academy has said over the last few years.”

“They said they were working on a new national security strategy for the Air Combat Commander,” Stokes said.

“So, I guess I am just kind of waiting for the next year to see what they do.”

According to Stokes’ research, the USAAF is preparing to expand its presence in the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates, while the USAF will focus on developing the next generation of strategic bomber aircraft and the Air Superiority System, a new aircraft program that Stokes says is “very ambitious.”

According the report, the USAF has made the Air Mobility Command, or A-35, the first combat aircraft to enter service in the modern era.

It is also planning to deploy its new fighter, the F-35B, to the Middle Eastern and Indian theaters, and its second-generation long-range strike bomber, the B-1, to Central and South America.

The Air Force will also continue to operate the BAE Systems F-22 Raptor stealth fighter in the skies over Europe and Africa.

The US Air force is also working on the first fully integrated Air Superiory System, which is expected to allow for the installation of electronic warfare systems, stealth fighter interceptors, and electronic warfare sensors.

According to the Air Command, the new force, which includes a number of combat air wings, will also work with partner nations to create an “all-digital force” with the aim of providing a global force capable of “providing rapid, decisive, and effective air power.”

“This force will be the cornerstone of our nation’s air dominance and its continued global dominance will be a force for good,” the report says.


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