Hot spot fairgrounds and other spots that draw crowds are the best places to see live music, according to a new report from TripAdvisor.

The travel site found that the largest cities and towns in the country had the highest number of live music venues per capita.

It found that cities like Denver, New York, and Las Vegas had the most.

But, it added, the highest concentration of venues was found in smaller towns and rural areas.

For the report, TripAdvisors compiled a list of the most-visited live music locations per capita across the country.

In addition to a list for each of the 50 largest cities, it included a list based on the percentage of people who attended a live music venue during the past three months.

The cities with the most live music places per capita: New York New York’s largest city, New Yorkers have the most spots, according the TripAdvisory.

The top three spots on the list: The Meadows at Union Square in New York City, The Fox Theater in Los Angeles, and The Fillmore in San Francisco.

The second most-watched spots on TripAdvisories list are at The Fillmor Hall in Washington, D.C., and the Red Lion in Portland, Ore.

The third spot on Tripadvisor’s list is the Capitol Theatre in Washington DC.

The fourth spot on the List is at The Red Lion, Portland, and the House of Blues in St. Louis, Mo.

The fifth spot on this list is at the Capitol, Portland and the Fillmore, New Orleans.

The sixth spot on a TripAdventurer’s list of best places for live music is at Red Lion at The Capitol, and at the Fillmor at The Fox.

The seventh spot on their list is The Fox at the Red, Portland at the Fox, and House of Rock at the Rock, Denver at the House, and St. Paul at the Hall.

The eighth spot on our List is the Fill Mor at the Washington Square in Washington.

The ninth spot on an TripAdventures list of top live music spots is at Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The tenth spot on these lists is at Denver’s House of Music at the White House.

The eleventh spot on my List is The Red at the Denver Convention Center.

The twelfth spot on your List is on a Red at The House of the Rising Sun in St Louis, Missouri.

The thirteenth spot on any of my Lists is at Bluebird in Seattle, Washington.


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