Hot Spot locations.

Hot spot locations.

The Bible states, “The hot spot is where the heat is, the warmth is, and the light is; the place where the sun shines and the stars shine; the spot where the stars are born, and they burn bright and shine, and all the hostiles are driven away.”

The Bible also states, “[The] hot spot places the Lord Jesus Christ in the midst of all things, so that He may be glorified.”

The word hot spot was used to describe places where heat was generated and where light was produced.

Hot spot manualThe hot spots in this scripture have a name in Hebrew and in Greek, which means “hot spot.”

It means a place where light is produced or generated.

The Bible uses the term hot spot for a location where light and heat are generated and that is the place that God’s Word says is where Jesus Christ was born.

This is where He was born in Bethlehem, a place called Sodom.

It is where he is said to have been born, so Jesus was born there.

It was also called the place of His birth and the place for the birth of His mother Mary, Jesus’ mother.

In the Bible, it is called the site of the birth.

In the New Testament, the Holy Spirit says, “In the beginning God made heaven and earth, the sea, and every living thing that moves on the water.

And the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.”

The Lord Jesus was not born on this hot spot, but on a hot spot of light.

This scripture teaches that the Lord was born on a site where light comes from, where the Lord is born, where light has been generated, where there is warmth and light.

The scriptures teach that the Savior was born at the spot of this kind of light, so He was also born there and His mother was born with Him.

In fact, Mary was born before the Savior, and He was not even born in the Bethlehem hot spot.

The hot point is where God’s light is born and where He is born.

The place where His birth was also the place His mother’s light was born and that was also a hot point, as well.

The Holy Spirit said, “God was born of a hot place, and His Mother was born by a hot-spring.”

This is also the holy place where Jesus was baptised.

This was also where the Holy Ghost came to baptize His disciples, and it is where His disciples were baptized.

It also was a place of birth for Mary, which is why Mary was called the Mother of God.

The location of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem was a holy place, not a hot or a cold spot.

The holy places of the Old Testament were not places where a place was born or a place became hot or cold.

They were holy places that were holy and were not hot spots, or cold spots, for that matter.

When the Holy Bible says, He was baptized at the hot point in Bethlehem , that means that Jesus was baptized there.

The Scriptures say, “I am the way, the truth, and, the life.”

He was never born in a place that was a hot and cold spot, which would mean that His mother, Mary, was not a place for Him to be born.

The scriptures say, The Savior was baptized in the Holy of Holies, a holy spot where Jesus received His baptism.

It means that He was baptized in the holy of holies.

The Scripture says, I baptize you in the name of Jesus Christ, and of my Spirit I baptise you.

This means that His baptism was in the Father’s Holy Place, a special place where He received His name and His baptismal name.

The scripture says, My Spirit is with you, and I have sent you.

Jesus is a child of God, and there is nothing that the Holy One of Israel cannot do.

Jesus was raised in the presence of God and the Holy Father and He received a special blessing.

The holy spot of the Holy Virgin Mary is also called a “hot” spot, a “cold” spot.

It has a very special significance, not just because it is a special spot, it also has a special meaning in terms of how it is connected to the Holy Scriptures.

There are a few verses in the New International Version of the Bible that deal with the holy spot, and those verses deal with a hot site.

The verses in Genesis, for example, speak of “a hot spot,” and it has the meaning of a place which produces heat and light and which is a place to be visited and to be called to God’s presence.

I do not know how much of a problem the word hot, hot spot has in our day.

We have a word for it that has been around for a long time, and in the United


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