What is a hot spot puzzle?

A hot spot is a crossword or word puzzle that has lots of dots and a small piece of paper at the center.

In other words, a hot topic puzzle.

It has two answers, one of which can be solved by picking up a hot piece of the paper and moving it around the puzzle.

Here’s how a hot-spot crossword works:You can see the answer by drawing a circle with a circle on it, and the answer will be highlighted in green.

This can be done by dragging the circle around the piece of green paper, then tapping on the circle to highlight it.

You can also mark the answer using a dot, then tap on the dot to mark it.

If you are having trouble finding the answer, you can try typing it into a word search box.

Hot spot yoga involves taking a hot hot spot and adding dots, then moving the dot around the hot spot until the hot spots answer becomes visible.

If that doesn’t work, the hot-shot solution may not be visible.

You can also try using the hot key to move the hot dots around and highlight them.

If the hot dot is marked with a dot and the hot topic doesn’t solve the hot point, you will need to move it around until the dot does.

The answer to a hot point puzzle will be a red dot, and it will have a number of dots that move around it.

To see the number of dot moving around a hotpoint, you have to look at the number that has a dot with a hot dot on it.

For example, if you want to find out which number has the hottest dot, you would draw a red hot point and then draw a dot to show that dot.

The dot will show up in the red dot.

When you have the answer to the hotpoint puzzle, you are done.

You are free to move around the solution as you like, but you need to make sure that the answer doesn’t become a hotspot puzzle.

If it does, the answer won’t be visible until you find a hot location.

You should be able to solve hotpoint crosswords at any time, but if you do, you need some time to think about how to solve the solution.

The best time to solve a hot points puzzle is when you have a large number of hotpoints to work with.

The more hotpoints you have, the easier it is to figure out the answer.

Hot points puzzles have a higher probability of being solved if there are many hot points to work from.

Hotpoints puzzles that have fewer hotpoints than that will have fewer chances of being discovered.

It is important to keep track of how many hotpoints there are in a puzzle, so you can quickly determine which hotpoints need to be solved.

If you are trying to solve an online hotpoint problem, be sure to keep a log of how long you spent on each hotpoint.

This helps you figure out what is happening.

You could also use a chart or other tool to help you figure things out.


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