If you’ve been to Mumbai, you probably noticed a lot of hot spots around the city.

Here are some of the best.

• The iconic Bollywood-style Dholme Nagar is known for its gourmet food.

The Dholma restaurant and bar is also the best known spot for a curry or a gourmet meal.

• Bollywood’s ‘Vande Mataram’ (the restaurant and the street) is known as the ‘hot spot of Mumbai’.

The eatery is also known for serving delicious hot curries and curries of all kinds.

• Mumbai’s iconic Ghatkopar is home to the famous ‘Bollywood Bar’.

The famous ‘Pong Bar’ is another popular spot for food.

• If you want to feel like you are at the heart of Mumbai, head to the bustling old part of the city, where the old-time shops, old-school shops, and even some of those new-fangled hipster hangouts like the Gharangi (old gauravadg) are all very popular.

The Ghatklangi is home of the legendary ‘Punga Bazaar’.

If you like the gourmet stuff, try the ‘Kampal Dhabas’.

The popular Indian restaurant and cafe is a must stop for any foodie in the city; it is packed with all sorts of street food.• Mumbai’s old town area has the most bars, restaurants and bars.

There are so many great bars in Mumbai that it is hard to find one that isn’t crowded.

The city has its own bars like the Roshni in the heart-of-the-city and the Baramati in the suburbs.

Many bars in the old city have great deals for dinner.

The bar at the iconic Baramatti is the best place for Indian food in Mumbai.• If you love Indian food, go to the ‘Dosa House’.

The Dosa House is a fine restaurant in Mumbai where Indian food can be served and eaten with care.

They are also famous for their spicy food.

Their ‘Chaat Dosa’ is a delicious vegetarian dish made with saffron and prawns.

• ‘Pani Pani’ is one of Mumbai’s best Indian restaurants and serves a lot.

They have Indian food and drinks.

If you are craving something Indian, try ‘Kabhi Pani’.

The authentic Indian restaurant at the famous Tiwari is also a must-visit.

If Mumbai’s hot spots aren’t enough, visit the Indian restaurant called ‘Rajdhani’ in the outskirts of the old town.

If it is hot, then go to ‘Puri Datta’ in Ghatknangi and order a Pani Pini.

• Another great Indian restaurant is ‘Kurla Dosa’.

This Indian restaurant has the best Indian food around.

You will not find much Indian food at ‘Kuru’, but you can find Indian food elsewhere in the Old Town.

It is a great place to eat Indian food with friends.

It has a very popular menu and is also popular for its food.

They also have a ‘Shukla’ menu.• You may also like Mumbai’s famous ‘Kathmandu Valley’ which is a popular place for sightseeing and shopping.

You can find a variety of food and drink here and also take a stroll in the beautiful Himalayan valley.

If the weather is nice, you can take a ride on the Himalayan Sherpa.

You have to be adventurous to enjoy the views of the surrounding mountains.

• In the middle of the year, Mumbai hosts the ‘Nakal Pannikari festival’.

The festival attracts thousands of people from all over the world and is held in the year of Ramzan.

There is also another festival called ‘Maharashtra Roshan’.

You can go there during the month of March.

It’s one of the biggest festivals in the world.

If there is a festival in Mumbai, it’s definitely worth the trip to the city to see the spectacular views.• The best place to visit is the ‘Rashtrapati Shivaji Temple’.

This is a temple dedicated to Shivaji.

Shivaji is considered to be the most beautiful Hindu deity.

You should be able to get a good feel for him.

If not, check out ‘Shivaji’s House’ for some delicious Indian food.


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