What’s your hot-spot?


Hot spot?

Hot-spot arcade?

It’s a question that has become a hot topic in Denmark.

What’s the hottest hot spot in Denmark?

The answer, it turns out, is a little bit of everything.

Hot spots in Denmark are located all over the country.

Some are located in the country’s capital, Copenhagen, while others are located on the countrys south coast.

You can find your hot spots in all parts of Denmark, but they all tend to be located within the same area, as well as within the Copenhagen-København area, which is the largest and most developed part of Denmark.

Hot spots can be classified into several categories: cafe-style places, bars, clubs and sports bars, which are generally run by bars and restaurants, and are often served with alcohol, while other hot spots have been designed for the casual traveller or casual eater.

Hot-spot restaurants are usually located in pubs, coffee shops and clubs.

They often serve food and drink, and have small menus and drinks.

There is also a hot spot on the street, which may be open for one to two hours, but most often it’s a small coffee shop or café, and sometimes you’ll find it outside in the sun, when there is no street lighting.

The country’s famous hot spots, such as the Rijksmuseum and the Copenhagen Castle, are the only ones which are open for longer than two hours.

Hot spot bars are located outside most cafes and are typically located in cafes and sports pubs, and they often serve small snacks and drinks and have limited menu items, as are the hot spot bars on the streets.

Hot bars usually serve food that you can’t find at a regular cafe, and often have limited selection of food, while the other hot spot is the “hot spot” that is outside a regular café, usually in the dark.

Hot places in Denmark tend to have a limited menu, with a few basic choices.

There are also some smaller restaurants which have a few smaller choices, but many are more or less identical to the big ones.

Hot venues are places that serve food which you can only find at some large or famous hot spot, such a the Danish Museum, which usually serves hot food and drinks, but you cannot find it at a normal cafe, as there is usually no street light to illuminate the place.

The most famous and famous hot-spots are in the north, such Copenhagen Castle or Rijk, but there are also places such as Goteborgs museum, in the south and in the southern part of the country, which serves hot and drinks to the tourists.

Hot nightlife is another popular area of Denmark and is often a place where you can find alcohol.

Hot place owners usually have a big number of employees who work to cater to the crowds, with large amounts of staff in the cafes and bars.

The number of bars in Denmark is also fairly small, with about 20.

The main nightclubs, including some of the smaller clubs, are located inside some of Denmark’s most popular hotels.

Hot nightclubs are usually open from 11pm to midnight, with the majority of the nighttime events being held on weekends, with events such as karaoke, rock concerts and live music.

Hot water and electricity are available for free, although you may have to pay a small fee for this, especially in the summer.

If you’re in the area and want to try out a new hot spot or try out some new drinks, it may be worth booking your ticket for free.

Hot spots are open from 10pm to 9am, except for the winter months, which require a hotel or a bar for all the events.

Hot nights can be very expensive, as the country has a high average cost of living.

Hot day-life, which includes clubs, is often cheaper than night-life.

The cost of accommodation can be cheaper, but it can also be very costly.

There’s no hotel, and you have to have an apartment for your accommodation.

You may have a lot of options in the city centre, and most people rent out rooms to other people.

Hot days are usually available on a first-come, first-served basis, and there are many different types of days and nights.

The countrys capital, city centre and outer districts, where the biggest hotels are, usually have one day and one night per week.

The most popular days and the most popular nights are the ones that are open to the public, which means that they usually attract people from all over, and which are typically very busy.

There are many popular festivals, such the Danmark Summer Festival, which takes place in the spring and summer, and the Dansehund Festival, in which the people of the Danland area go for walks, rides and swimming.

The most popular festivals in Denmark, and therefore the country itself, are held


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